The Limited Edition – $5,000 and up

WEMU Radio

The Rare Book – $2,000 and up

Michigan Humanities Council

Susan Skarsgard

The Fine Binder – $1,000 and up

The Ann Arbor Observer

Kerrytown Market & Shops

WUOM – Michigan Radio

The Gilt Edge – $500 and up

The City of Ann Arbor

Cindy & Tom Hollander

Thomson – Shore Inc.


The Collector – $200 and up

Aunt Agatha’s Bookshop

The Downtown Development Association

Olga Bilakos

Del Dunbar

Nicola’s Books

Book Lovers – $75 and up

Marlee Brown

Patsy Gibson

Foreword Friends – any amount 

Donna Ball

Victoria Booker

Dianne Chapman

Judy Coon

Mimi Cunningham

Pace Cooke Emmons

Larry Hall

Susan Harris

Sally Kellem

Barbara Lauzon

Susan & Mike Mulski

Maria Parker

Dawn Piriano

F.B. Plasman

Shirley Price

Mariska Proulx

Katherine Rybka

Elizabeth Solway

Richard Steelman

Jean Viviano

Pat & John Wilson

Karen Winner

Steven Woghin

Thank You

Brian Bruns

Kerrytown Concert House

Mary Ivers

Jeanne Joesten

Crystal Westfield

Terry Farmer

Macmillan – Forge Books

Miles Bruns

Howard White