Sponsors of Kerrytown BookFest deserve a big thanks

Not many community events make it to the ninth year without strong support from sponsors and that’s the case of the Kerrytown BookFest which will be held this Sunday at the Ann Arbor’s Farmers Market. The BookFest is organized and run by an all-volunteer board which helps keep costs down, but without sponsors we wouldn’t be able to pay for some of the fixed costs like tents, advertising, printing and small participant stipends. This is our “hat’s off” to our valuable sponsors and of course we are always looking for new sponsors and partners such as Thompson-Shore whose new sponsorhip this year and enabled us to add some additional programming.

There are not many one-day book festivals (ok Brooklyn Book Festival) which can boast the National Book Award Winner and the Caldecott Winner on the same program. Well we can and will. Our program is filled with award-winning authors and first- time authors looking for a break. Just as an example: Canadian Author Louise Penny is number four on the New York Times Best Sellers List for fiction this week. Check out the list of authors and presenters here and the schedule of events here.

As always our utmost thanks and appreciation must go to the Michigan Humanities Council which is our major sponsor  and then to Zingerman’s which has become such an important contributor in many ways. Of course, without Hollander’s the BookFest wouldn’t exist and our media partners Michigan Radio and WEMU-91 help us reach important audiences.

We also would like to thank the following sponsors and partners:

Del Dunbar

Ann Arbor Women Artists

Olga Bilakos

Aunt Agatha’s

Terry Farmer

Thomas Piggott

Bessenberg Bindery

Motte & Bailey Booksellers

Kerrytown District Association

Ann Arbor Observer


Kerrytown Concert House

Ann Arbor District Library

City of Ann Arbor


Mary Iver

John MacKrell

Barbara Lauzon

Maria Parker

Elizabeth Soloway

Barbara Brown & Howard White

David Rosenbaum

Visit our sponsorship page here.

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