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Werewolves, a squid and a bear visit Kerrytown BookFest

Friday, June 14th, 2013

The full moon must be rising on Sunday September 8 (at least in Ann Arbor at the Kerrytown BookFest) because that’s when a fabulist and a fantasy author meet for a discussion of their new books which are drawing tremendous attention this week.

Fantasy author Ben Percy whose new book “Red Moon” will be reviewed in Sunday’s New York Times Book Review will join fabulist writer Matt Bell whose debut novel was the focus of a two-page spread in the past week’s Publishers Weekly.

Both novels are difficult to catalog or characterize, but both are products of active imaginations which are unnbounded. Percy’s book “Red Moon” is a mixed species love affair played out against the backdrop of a werewolf insurgency set in modern times while Bell’s book “In the House Upon the Dirt Between the Lake and the Woods” is the mythological look at what fatherhood means, also set in modern times. What both books have in common is they are disturbing to the psyche.

The discussion between Percy and Bell who know each other will be moderated by Jeremiah Chamberlin, University of Michigan writing instructor, and he will have his work cut out for him. Read more about Percy’s new book in the New York Times here and about Bell’s debut novel in Publishers Weekly.

Also read an interview on here with Bell who is an assistant professor at Northern Michigan University.

If you love a good mystery you’ll love our mystery writers

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

Among other interesting tidbits, mystery lovers will learn about the punjab lasso (used in the Phantom of the Opera and now in a Michigan-based mystery) which will probably put them in seventh heaven (or wherever they go) at the 10th annual Kerrytown BookFest 11 a..m.-5 p.m. Sunday September 9 in Ann Arbor Michigan. The BookFest is free, is in a covered venue (the Ann Arbor’s Farmer’s Market on 4th and Kingsley) and is the largest book festival in Michigan.

At 1:00 p.m. a panel discussion with some of the best writers in America will get the mystery train on the track with “Three Awesome Mystery Babes & One Mysterious Dude” featuring moderator and author Bryan Gruley (his newest book is “Skeleton Box”, a Michigan based mystery). Gruley leads a discussion with Kelly Nichols (one half of P.J. Parish, the sisters write another series with a strong Michigan presence), Julie Kramer, author of the Riley Spartz mysteries, and Emmy Award winning Hank Phillippi Ryan, author of “The Other Woman” as well as the Charlotte McNally series. Between the authors they have been nominated for the Edgar, the Anthony, the Shamus, the Barry, the Agatha and the Macavity Awards – in short, every award the mystery community has to offer.
At 2 p.m., three other mystery writers: Doug Allyn, D.E. Johnson and Loren Estleman will be on a panel with author Larry D. Sweazy to discuss the various ways Loren D. Estleman’s mentorship has helped them in getting published. Allyn serves as moderator, and Estleman will respond to the comments and provide his point of view. Estleman’s newest Amos Walker mystery is “Burning Midnight” is the 22nd in the series set in Detroit. Just recently D. E. Johnson whose novels are also set in Detroit during the early age of the auto industry had his newest book “Detroit Breakdown”  
reviewed by Robin Agnew proprietor of Aunt Agatha’s mystery bookstore in Ann Arbor and president of the Kerrytown BookFest. Read the review at Johnson’s newest book takes place in 1912 in Detroit’s Eloise hospital  for the insane when an auto industry executive and amateur detective goes undercover to prove his beau’s brother is innocent of murder. Johnson craftily uses the punjab lasso to kill people in his third book in the series.
At 3 p.m. editor and writer Jeremiah Chamberlain, of The Fiction Writer’s Review and a professor at the University of Michgan, interviews Pulitzer prize winning journalist and novelist Julia Keller.  Keller’s new book is a crime novel, “A Killing in the Hills” which is getting a lot of attention nationally.
It’s quite a lineup for mystery authors once again at the Kerrytown BookFest.