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“First kill all the poets” or was it lawyers? I forget.

Friday, September 7th, 2012

For centuries dictators have chosen poets over lawyers when it comes to killing and jailing. It’s poets and their poetry which often incite the masses so the first folks to be locked up or led to the gallows are poets. Join five Michigan poets at the Kerrytown BookFest, Sunday September 9 at noon to learn why poets are first in line and not for awards. Ask the the ghosts of the Yiddish poets who were killed under Stalin in 1952 or Lorca or perhaps Pablo Neruda. Poets have a way of getting under our skin, and into our head.

The session is titled “Poetry as it Lives & Breathes” and award winning poet, educator and panel moderator Keith Taylor will lead a discussion and reading with Michigan poets Patricia Clark, James Daniels, Todd Kaneko and Diane Seuss about what poetry means to them and why readers have such an emotional reaction to it.

In addition, all poets on the program have submitted their original poems which will be available as a special souvenir booklet. Visitors to the Bookfest can print a cover and make a simple binding for the booklet the day of the Bookfest. Also another demonstrator, book artist Abby Bennett, will show BookFest participants of all ages how to make an accordion book to hold their own poems at 1 p.m.  Four other book artists will also be doing book art workshops: Vicki Engling and Brianne Burgoon will show participants how to make folded secret journals and Debra Golden and Haley Hoard will demonstrate how to make a flutter book.