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Thank you to the Kerrytown BookFest Volunteers!

Each year the Kerrytown BookFest relies on a loyal group of volunteers and the 14th annual BookFest on September 11 was no exception. On the day of the event our volunteers do a wide variety of tasks to make certain that visitors, authors, and exhibitors have the best day possible. Our volunteers – the ones you spotted wearing the Kerrytown BookFest t-shirts – answered your questions, helped make the author panels run smoothly, set up and took down all of the equipment with amazing speed, and did so much more. And they did it all with a smile and joy.

The Kerrytown BookFest would not exist without our volunteers, and we would like to thank all of them who worked on the day of the event to make BookFest such a success:


Setup: They arrived at 6:30 a.m. and moved tables, chairs, and boxes, and put up signs to help direct visitors.

  • Will Lovick, supervisor of setup in the morning and throughout the day!
  • Kati Shanks
  • Megan Gilson
  • Peyton Carroll
  • Gillian Tibbets
  • Saskia Van Nieuwstadt
  • Erich Brubaker
  • Tom Bianchi
  • Tom McMurtry
  • Gary Service
  • Kirsten Ritchie

Volunteer/Information Booth: They checked in and provided on-the-spot training as other volunteers arrived, and helped staff the main information table.

  • Marionette Cano
  • Emily Matthews

Exhibitor Check-In: She checked in exhibitors, directed them when lost, and triaged a whole host of problems.

  • Rebecca Bizonet


Parking Supervisors: They made certain that only approved people entered the lot, and turned away others who tried with grace and a smile.

  • Tom McMurtry
  • Gary Service
  • Isobell Holcomb
  • Mira Shetly
  • Tina Galia
  • Kent Joque

Exhibitor Parking Supervisors: They had the difficult task of reminding exhibitors to move their cars out of the Market area before BookFest officially began.

  • Genia Service
  • Martina Vaccaro

Book I Love Table: They staffed our new booth – The Book I Love – and described the activity to visitors and collected the names of many visitors’ best loved books.

  • Rachel Fender
  • Susan Cronin

Satellite Information Booths: Throughout the day they sat at our satellite information booths and answered a myriad of questions from visitors.

  • Robert Fouser
  • Bohan Huang
  • Mary Ivers
  • Katie Jones
  • Loey Jones-Perpich
  • Debbi Schaubman
  • Linda Tubbs

MHC Survey Forms Coordinator: As part of our grant from the Michigan Humanities Council we collect questionnaires at each panel sponsored by the MHC. She made certain that the distribution and collection of the questionnaires went smoothly throughout the day.

  • Tammy Rhoades

Main Tent: They monitored all panel activities in the Main Tent making certain that events started and ended on time and that any problems were resolved quickly.

  • Erich Brubaker
  • Fritz McDonald
  • Juli Pinsak
  • June Williams

Kerrytown Concert House: They monitored all panel activities in the Concert House making certain that events started and ended on time and that any problems were resolved quickly.

  • Linda Lakshminarayanan
  • Arah Joque
  • Genia Service
  • Martina Vaccaro
  • Mary Ivers
  • Tammy Rhoades

Children’s Tent: They monitored all events in the Children’s Tent, helped rearrange the setup between events, and resolved problems as they occurred.

  • Jill Zimmerman
  • Cinda Hocking
  • Linda Ram
  • Elicia Rong

Water/Apple/Cookie Distribution: In the heat of the afternoon she helped Board member John Hilton distribute cookies, water, and apples to our exhibitors, along with a gracious reminder that teardown would begin promptly at 5:00 p.m.

  • Katrina Rayment

Teardown: With amazing speed this group of volunteers began taking down every piece of equipment promptly at 5:00 p.m., and had a lot accomplished when the rental company arrived unexpectedly at 5:15 p.m. (nearly 45 minutes early). They picked up abandoned garbage and refuse and carefully took down all of the signs put up less than 12 hours earlier.

  • Will Lovick, supervisor of teardown (yes, he did it all!)
  • Debbi Schaubman
  • Tammy Rhoades
  • Katrina Rayment
  • Kati Shanks
  • Robert Teicher
  • Amritha Anupindi
  • Elicia Rong
  • Robert Klingler
  • Drew Sangers
  • Deb Norbotten


All of our volunteers did a fantastic job. If you know any of them, please let them know they’re appreciated. And next year at BookFest (on September 10, 2017), make certain to give a big thanks to each of our volunteers wearing a Kerrytown BookFest t-shirt. And when our call for volunteers goes out next summer, we hope you will consider being part of our team!