Event Schedule

The schedule runs from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Main Tent

11 a.m.  Community Book Award presentation to longtime Ann Arbor bookseller Nicola Rooney, who will be interviewed by Robin Agnew of Aunt Agatha’s and joined by members of her staff:  Lynn Riehl, events; Linda Goodman, children’s buyer; and Jessie Martin, in store promotions.

Noon The Art of Illustration  Caldecott Medallists Chris Raschka (A Ball for Daisy),  Erin Stead & Philip Stead (A Sick Day for Amos McGee) &  Brian Floca interviewed by author Deborah Diesen (The Pout-Pout Fish).

 1:15 The Art of Historical Romantic Suspense Tasha Alexander (Behind the Shattered Glass); Susan Elia MacNeal (The Prime Minister’s Secret);  Simone St. James (Silence for the Dead)  and Lauren Willig (The Mark of the Midnight Manzanilla).  Moderated by author Anna Lee Huber (Mortal Arts).

 2:30  The Art of the Graphic Novel Jim Ottaviani , (Primates); Dave Coverly (Speedbump) Matt Phelan (Bluffton: My Summers with Buster Keaton) and Matt Faulkner (Gaijin-American Prisoner of War)  interviewed by WEMU’s Michael Jewett.

 3:45 The Art of the Memoir  Mardi Jo Link, (Boostrapper: From Broke to Badass on a Northern Michigan Farm), Sue William Silverman, (The Pat Boone Fan Club: My Life as a White Anglo-Saxon Jew); Linda Hundt (Sweetie-Licious Pies: Eat Pie, Love Life);and Richard Gilbert (Shepherd: a Memoir) interviewed by Chris Lindsay.


Kerrytown Concert House

11 a.m. The Art of the Short Story John Smolens (Winter by Degrees), Don Lystra (Something that Feels Like Truth) and Kodi Scheer (Incendiary Girls)  interviewed by Douglas Trevor.


12:15 The Art of Architecture in Fiction Charles Belfoure (The Paris Architect) interviewed by architect Dan Whisler.


1:30 The Art of Biography  James Tobin (The Man He Became); Don Faber (The Boy Governor) and Lawrence Glazer (Wounded Warrior).  Moderated by author and historian Sam Thomas (The Midwife’s Tale).


2:45 The Art of Suspense  Loren D. Estleman (Don’t Look for Me); Michael Harvey (The Innocence Game); Theresa Schwegel (The Good Boy) and Elizabeth Heiter (Hunted).  Moderated by Detroit Noir editor Eric Olsen.


4:00  Detroit: The Art of the Comeback  Bob Morris (Built in Detroit) and Detroit Resurgent contributors Yul Allen, Janet Webster Jones & Gary Wozniak moderated by Detroit Resurgent editor John Beck.


Kerrytown Tent

12 – 1:00  the beloved Mother Goose

1:30- 3 p.m.  drawing workshop with Ellie McDoodle’s creator, Ruth McNally Barshaw

3- 4:30 p.m.  Storyteller Laura Pershin Raynor presents  “Imagine That!”

This event is intended for preschool – grade 3.

Bring your imagination for wild stories, songs and mask making.


Corner Tent

Noon  The Art of the Small Press Hannah McMurray (Harlequin Creature),  Ken Mikolowski (Alternative Press) & Chad Pastotnik (Deep Woods Press) moderated by Lynne Avedenka

1 p.m.  I Love Books talk with Ann Whitney, introduced by Barbara Brown

2:30-3:30 Flag Book workshop with Cecelia Escobar

3:30 – 4:30 Tunnel Book workshop with Debra Golden


Aunt Agatha’s Booth Signing Schedule

12:30 - Anna Lee Huber,  Susan Elia MacNeal, Sam Thomas and Lauren Willig

1:00 – Michael Robertson, author of the “Baker Street Letters” series

2:00  - Loren D. Estleman, Michael Harvey, Elizabeth Heiter and Theresa Schwegel

Crazy Wisdom Booth

1:30 –  John Smolens
2:00  – Kodi Scheer
2:30  – Bob Morris
3:00 - Janet Webster Jones
3:30  – Donald Lystra
4:00  – Douglas Trevor

Emerson School Booth

1:30 – Caldecott medallists Brian Floca, Christopher Rashka and Erin & Philip Stead

Nicola’s Booth

11:30  Sue William Silverman

1:45   Charles Belfoure

4 p.m.  Dave Coverly, Jim Ottaviani, Matt Faulkner