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Event Schedule

This year’s Kerrytown Bookfest will be Sunday, September 13, 2015, 1030am – 5pm at the Ann Arbor Farmers Market . Our theme for 2015 is “Celebrating Old Friends”.  As you browse through our speakers bios, you’ll see a note if they are an “old” or a “new” friend.  We’re grateful to our returning talent, and look forward to welcoming fresh voices to our festival as well.

Writer in Residence John Smolens, ongoing through the day.  Mr. Smolens will critique the first twenty pages of your manuscript. For information and to reserve a slot, contact Hart Johnson at

The Edible Book Contest is open to anyone; entries can be dropped off at the Children’s Tent beginning at 9:30 a.m. the day of the bookfest. Questions can be directed to Cecelia Escobar at 312-285-6819.  A variety of prizes will be awarded by our four illustrious judges.

Main Tent

10:30 – Community Book Award presented to Edward Surovell by Josie Parker. Welcome to the day and introduction by John Hilton.

11 – Coffee & Conversation with Bonnie Jo Campbell & Thomas Lynch. Join these two Michigan treasures for coffee, donuts and a lively chat about writing & life. Introduction by Lynn Riehl of Nicola’s Books.

Noon – Mary Doria Russell: “From Mayhem to the Movies: how the gunfight at the O.K. Corral became folklore” and her new novel Epitaph.  Introduction by Douglas Trevor of the University of Michigan Zell Writers Program.

1:15 – Traditional Mysteries moderated by Jeffrey Marks.  Julie Hyzy (the White House Chef Mysteries), Edith Maxwell (the Local Foods mysteries), G.M. Malliet (the Max Tudor mysteries) and Denise Swanson (the Scumble River mysteries).

2:30 Poetry Slammin’ moderated by Janet Jones.  Scott Beal (the Skazat! Monthly poetry series). Jeff Kass (teacher and poet), Casey Rocheteau (Detroit Write-a-House winner) and Scott Woods (We are Over Here Now).

3:45 – Read Comics or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Medium – moderated by Nick Yribar.  Curtis Sullivan (owner, Vault of Midnight) Raymond McDaniel  and Jerzy Drozd.

Kerrytown Concert House

11 – Short stories moderated by Michael Byers.   Darrin Doyle (The Girl Who Ate Kalamazoo), Laura Kasischke (If a Stranger Approaches You),  Lisa Lenzo (Strange Love). and Monica McFawn (Bright Shards of Someplace Else).

12:15 – Writing and spreading the word through Social Media moderated by Lara Zielin.   Andrea Hannah (Of Scars and Stardust), Amanda Flower (Andi Unstoppable), David James (Light of the Moon), and Bethany Neal (My Last Kiss).  Ms. Neal’s novel was the subject of this year’s book cover contest for high school students.

1:30 – Debut Novels moderated by Doug Trevor.   Angela Flournoy (The Turner House), Greer Macallister (The Magician’s Life),  Tiya Miles (The Cherokee Rose) and Aline Ohanesian (Orhan’s Inheritance).

2:45 – Suspenseful Reads moderated by Andrew Grant (Run), Owen Laukkenen (Criminal Enterprise), Jenny Milchman (As Night Falls), Kelly Nichols of P.J. Parrish (She’s Not There) and Vu Tran (Dragon Fish).

4:00 –Finding the Book you were Meant to Write, Scott Ellsworth on his bestselling book The Secret Game

Kerrytown Tent

11:30 Mother Goose

Noon – 2 Kayla Coughlin and Laura Raynor present “Kingdom Tales at Kerrytown – Listen to kingdom stories with a twist and create your own wild crown for cruising through Kerrytown.”

2 p.m. “If a Book needs a Box”; French Cartonnage with Betsy Begue.
Cartonnage is the age old French art form of building boxes from book board and covering them with beautiful paper, fabric and trim.  These structures are a marriage of left brain exactitude with right brain artistry, resulting in objects both useful and sublime.  Bookbinding and cartonnage are symbiotic: they share similar tools and techniques yet offer each other new insights.

3 p.m. Cecilia Escobar on Edible Books

4 p.m Edible Book Contest judging by Alyse Basak, Cindy Hollander, Lisa McDonald  & Katie Millan

Booth Signing Schedules
Aunt Agatha’s Booth
11 a.m. – 2 p.m. Michele May
Noon   Denise Swanson, Julie Hyzy, Edith Maxwell, D.E. Ireland (Meg Mims),  Jeff Marks, G.M. Malliet,  Ann Yost
1:30   P.J. Parrish (Kelly Nichols), Andrew Grant, Vu Tran, Jenny Milchman
2 p.m. Bryon Quartermous, Patricia Abbott

Bookbound Booth
2 – 3 p.m.  Bethany Neal

Crazy Wisdom
Casey Rocheteau, 12:30
Jeff Kass, 1:30
Scott Beal, 4 p.m.
Scott Woods, time TBA

Nicola’s Booth
Noon – Bonnie Jo Campbell & Thomas Lynch
Mary Doria Russell, time TBA
Tiya Miles, time TBA
Greer Macallister, time TBA
Angela Flournoy, time TBA
Aline Ohanesian, time TBA
Owen Laukkenan, time TBA

Vault of Midnight Booth
Jerzy Drozd – time TBA