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About Me

I am an avid book reader. Leave the electronics in the board room, I want to feel the paper in my hands and actually smell the print. There is almost a cathartic, peaceful feeling when curly up with your favorite novel or a juicy new book, that cannot be mimicked by the glaring lights, no matter how soft, being emitted through some fancy electronic reader. Holding a hardback book is almost like coming home.

Anymore, it can seem more and more nostalgic as the younger gen-pops are snapping up their tablets and phones; yet no Kindle can embrace your fingers like the soft paper of the well-worn, thoroughly read, perhaps ages of tobacco soaked, inked smeared pages of a glorious manuscript passed down through the family; fathers to sons, mothers to daughters; stories that become part of a family’s history because they were a great-grandparent’s favorite. Those days will be lost if it weren’t for the fighting heroes of those participants and promotors of the cross-country book festival.

Finding out that such things as book festivals exist, and being a thorough lover of the written word, especially in book format, I knew this had to be investigated further.

Therefore, I thought it might be fun to take a well-deserved break and deliciously explore many of the most famous book festivals that are held annually around the country. In fact, in every state from sea to shining sea, outstanding book festivals are held wherever book lovers have chosen to come together.

The format is often the same, consisting of similar activities such as book panels, workshops, book signings, sometimes activities for children, and whatever other events imaginative festival activities that promotors can think of to engage and entertain the increasing numbers of readers and writers who flock to these loquacious festivals yearly.  Some the most popular festivals in America include the Texas Book Festival, the Los Angeles Festival of Books, Brooklyn Book Festival, and Wordstock, Portland’s Book Festival.

What I found among my travels; however, were quirky, book festivals, with sometimes unusual realms of interests and activities than others across the amber grain and purple mountains. Furthermore, I have found some festivals I have read about in the past and intend to hit in the 2019 festival season with my own type of Book Tour, one where I hope to discover the hidden pages of an unknown, and yet to possibly be discovered, Hemingway, Plath, Dicken, or the next Rowling.

On my literary journey, I will write about the pages I find that thrill me.