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Donate to Food Gatherers at the BookFest!

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This year we’ve partnered with Food Gatherers and they’ll have a booth at the BookFest. They’ll be accepting donations of both non-perishables and whole produce to help promote healthy eating. Donations can be dropped off at the Food Gatherers booth.

Food Gatherers guiding principle: We believe that in a land of plenty, no one should go hungry!

As the food rescue and food bank program serving Washtenaw County, Food Gatherers exists to alleviate hunger and eliminate its causes in our community. Help support this goal the day of the BookFest while also enjoying the books & authors.NicolasBooks Logo

Nicola’s Books will also be partnering with Food Gatherers. They’ll be selling copies of Leanne Brown’s Good and Cheap: Eat Well on $4/Day. For every case of books sold, Workman publishing will donate a case to Food Gatherers.good-and-cheap

You’ll be able to find these two booths near each other in the Farmer’s Market the day of the book fest. Happy, healthy eating to all!

Stride’s Duluth with Brian Freeman

Brian Freeman is the author of the Jonathan Stride novels, set in Duluth, Minnesota. They are suspenseful novels full of memorable characters and are especially saturated with a sense of place.

brian freeman

Brian Freeman

The day of the bookfest, Brian will share photos he’s taken on photo safari in Duluth, which he then uses as inspiration for his novels. He’ll read a passage, using the photographs to illustrate just how much the place influences what he writes.

The drama in Brian’s books is driven by the emotions and secrets of the characters. “My goal is to write books with haunting characters and a lightning-fast pace,” he says. “My stories are about the hidden intimate motives that draw people across some terrible lines. The twists and turns keep you turning the pages, and each piece in the puzzle gives you new insight into the heroes, victims, and villains.”

“I don’t like books where the characters are all good or all bad,” he adds. “I want them to live in the real world, where morality means tough choices and a lot of shades of gray. I hope that’s why readers relate so intensely to the people in my books.”

COLD NOWHERE HC front cover only

For Brian, launching a worldwide publishing career at age 41 was the culmination of thirty years of fascination with writing suspense fiction. “I started my first ‘novel’ in sixth grade,” he recalls wryly. “It was about the death of a chess grandmaster. This was in the Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky days. I called it Checkmate. Who knows, I may yet go back to that one.”

He credits two unusual sources for his career: his grandmother and his eighth grade composition teacher. “My grandmother really spurred the family obsession with crime fiction. She used to tell us, ‘I’m reading this great new book. It’s got lots of bodies in it!’” His middle-school teacher spotted his obsession with writing and encouraged him to follow it. “She pretty much scrapped the lesson plans for me and simply told me to sit in a corner and write. The next summer, I finished my first full-length novel.”

Brian rattles off a list of novels he wrote at various points in his life as he honed his craft: a thriller about the kidnapping of a U.S. president; a surreal erotic fantasy about a classical composer (“perfect for an idealistic college kid,” he says), and then three mysteries ranging from racial violence in Minnesota to sexual obsessions in a revival Shaker community to sins and crimes among the super-rich of Newport, Rhode Island.

goodbye to the dead

“I recall James Michener saying that you should only get published after you’ve written a million words,” Brian says. “By the time I wrote IMMORAL, I must have been just about there.”

Meet Brian at 12:15 in the Kerrytown Concert House.

Meet More 2016 BookFest Exhibitors

This year the booths at Kerrytown BookFest will be filled with a wide range of exhibitors representing all aspects of the book world. Authors, booksellers, publishers, book-related artists, and non-profits will be at BookFest all day from 10:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. We’ve asked our exhibitors to tell us a bit about themselves, and about the things they are most excited for visitors to see and learn about at their booths. Following are just a few of our diverse exhibitors:

Earthrise Press from Web

Earthrise Press

Earthrise Press (1st BookFest): My books are all lyric and epic poetry or literary and cultural essays. My epic poem, The Parliament of Poets, takes place partly on the moon, at the Apollo 11 landing site, the Sea of Tranquility, a Journey toward healing the psyche of the planet. In a world of Quantum science, Apollo calls all the poets of the nations, ancient and modern, East and West, to assemble on the moon to consult on the meaning of modernity. The Parliament of Poets sends the Persona, the Poet of the Moon, on a Journey to the seven continents to learn from all of the spiritual and wisdom traditions of humankind. On Earth and on the moon, the poets teach him a new global, universal vision of life.


Ephemeral Books

Ephemeral Books (5th BookFest): I have a taste for expensive Japanese book cloths and decorative papers, though I try to keep myself open minded about using cloths and papers from other places. I adore hand-marbled paper. As far as process goes, I really enjoy collaborating with friends who are writers. They provide me with content, and I fashion a binding that suits what they’ve written. At its best, the process has a lot of back-and-forth between me and the author to try to create a unique binding for their work. What to look for: This year I’m debuting the third book in a trilogy written by a friend who is a religious scholar. The trilogy is called “Where Night Never Falls,” and it is composed of “The Ramlila,” (Tales of Rama), “The Rasa Lila,” (Tales of Krishna), and this year’s “The Vishvarupa,” (Tales of Buddha). We’ve been working on this trilogy for about five years, and it is very exciting to see it come to fruition. This year I’m making more blank books than in past years, and I’m especially excited to be working with silk kimono cloth as a book cloth for some very small books. Japanese textile work is gorgeous!


Fineberg Art Studio

Fineberg Art Studio (1st BookFest): I am excited for the visitors to stop by and see my handmade books! I always have a variety of cover options in hopes that everyone can find something they like. I use a large variety of specialty papers and book board for the covers. I especially love handmade papers! The interior paper is typically smooth writing paper, but I also make books that include drawing, mixed media, and watercolor paper. My focus is an exposed stitch technique called the coptic stitch in which you can see the beautiful stitching along the spine. I also make notebooks with a few other types of stitches as well. I cut and glue the cover papers to the book board, cut down the interior paper and fold it into signatures. Once I have my signatures, I punch the holes and stitch the books together with a coordinating color of waxed linen thread.


Fineberg Art Studio

Glendower Media (8th BookFest): We publish a range from music to humor to mystery to adventure.  But that is only for openers…What to look for: Our new Fine Art book Boats, Barns and Bungalows by artist T. F. Hempel.  Also our new series of mysteries by Greg Jolley- Murder In A Small Town.  Humor from Mike Ball- Olympus, Indiana, (Blazing Saddles meets Greek theater). Adventure in Syria in HASAN and Old fashioned short stories from Grace Harlowe.Glendower Media

Ken Wachsberger/Azenphony Press: The books that I publish cover an eclectic range of interests but they all are about people who have found strength through the power of writing. As an author and an editor, my gift is my ability to help them to clarify and expand their stories. While being interviewed by me, Bernard Mednicki (Never Be Afraid: A Belgian Jew in the French Resistance) broke through layers of forgotten World War II memories to reveal a trauma that he had suppressed for over forty years. Writing Your Partner Has Breast Cancer helped me to keep sane while acting as my wife’s support person. Transforming Lives: A Socially Responsible Guide to the Magic of Writing and Researching shows people how to write their own stories. At this time in my career I’ve begun helping others as a book coach. Long Legs and Tall Tales: A Showgirl’s Wacky, Sexy Journey to the Playboy Mansion and the Radio City is Kristi Lynn Davis’s hilarious adventures as a former dancer with the Rockettes and Playboy’s Girls of Rock & Roll. Look for Kristi Lynn Davis to be at the booth from 12:00-1:00 p.m.

Out-of-the-Way Books (14th BookFest): Has a general collection of used and antiquarian books, and vintage magazines, and will feature an eclectic and eccentric assortment at BookFest. What to look for: A few shelves of books about Western outlaws, gunslingers and lawmen. And some rare leather bound books with fold-out maps from early American exploration.


Sloe Gin Fizz

Sloe Gin Fizz (3rd BookFest): I use pen and ink with digital colors. I create art prints and paper goods with whimsical illustrations drawn by hand. I start each piece with a drawing in pen and ink or pencil and then add color digitally. The digital prints I produce are high quality inkjet prints made using archival pigment inks that are exceptionally vivid, long-lasting and highly fade and scratch resistant. I print in my home studio on 100% cotton papers that are beautifully textured, have substantial weight and the bright white surfaces make the colors rich and true. What to look for: Look for my new 2017 illustrated calendar! The BookFest will be the first place it is available. Also look for new print designs and greeting cards.

Sloe Gin Fizz3

Sloe Gin Fizz


Tricia Splattered Inl

Splattered Ink Press

Splattered Ink Press (2nd BookFest): We cover all types of books and have published: novels, short stories, cookbooks, non-fiction, children’s picture books, anthologies, memoirs. What to look for: I am excited to share with potential authors how we can help them in their writing process, whether it is coaching, editing, publishing or marketing.  We love writers and all things writer-related!




TheLegacyPress logo July 2016(1)

The Legacy Press

The Legacy Press (6th BookFest): The Legacy Press specializes in books about the printing, paper, and bookbinding arts, but it also publishes in related areas involving book forms other than the codex, manuscripts, and the conservation of these materials. What to look for: Over the past few years, The Legacy Press has been publishing a series of books titled Suave Mechanicals: Essays on the History of Bookbinding, edited by Julia Miller, a noted book historian and Ann Arbor resident. Volume 3 will be “hot off the press” for the BookFest. Also available will be the renowned calligrapher Sheila Waters’ Waters Rising: Letters from Florence, which focuses on the recovery efforts at the National Central Library during the 1966 flood that her husband, the late Peter Waters, undertook.


UMich Press

University of Michigan Press

University of Michigan Press (14th BookFest): We publish scholarly work in a number of staple and emerging areas. Of course we have a robust regional list which will make up most of our Kerrytown books (like true crime, nature, and history). In the scholarly realm, our largest groups are Theater/ Performance, Political Science, and Classics, but we do a lot with LGBTQ and gender studies, disability studies, German Studies, Asian Studies, Music, and Media Studies. What to look for: This year some of our new books that we’re most excited about will include:

  • Paralyzing Summer by Zibby Oneal and Martin Lindenauer – The gripping account of the Ann Arbor Veterans Hospital poisonings and the controversial investigation and trial of two nurses
  • Feather Brained by Bob Tarte – The memoirist returns with his latest book, a hilarious look into how he became a bird enthusiast and the stumbles along the way
  • James Jesse Strang by Don Faber – the latest from the noted historian, covering the extraordinary life of one of the Mormon church’s early leaders

You can find a full list of all of the 2016 Kerrytown BookFest exhibitors in the exhibitors tab on our website. And check back here and on our Facebook page in the weeks ahead for information about more exciting exhibitors.


Writing For Hire

barbara g. poster

Don’t miss our writing for hire panel in the Kerrytown Concert House at 11. This panel of writers demonstrates that if you really want to write in one form or another, there is a path – all the panelists write under multiple names.


Barbara Gregorich

The moderator is Barbara Gregorich, well known for her writing workshops and for her book, Guide to Writing the Mystery Novel: Lots of Examples, Plus Dead Bodies. Barbara herself has also written mysteries, poetry, and children’s books as well as non fiction about baseball and about the creator of Charlie Chan, Earl Derr Biggers. Joining her on the panel is Casey Daniels.

Casey has written the Pepper Martin mysteries; as Miranda Bliss, a series of cooking mysteries, and as Kylie Logan, she is now writing four series – the Button Box series, the League of Literary Ladies series, the Chili Cook Off Series and her latest, Irish Stewed, from her new Ethnic Eats series.

irish stewed

Along with Casey, the fabulous Vicki Delany joins us. As Vicki she writes the Constable Molly Smith books; the Klondike and Ray Robertson series; and the Year Round Christmas series. Under that name she’ll have a Sherlock Holmes Bookshop mystery out in 2017. As Eva Gates, she also writes the Lighthouse Library mysteries. Exhausted yet? Then, meet Sarah Zettel.

eva gates

Like Casey and Vicki, Sarah has had a long writing career, writing science fiction, romance and young adults novels. As C.L, Anderson, she won the 2010 Philip K. Dick Award for Bitter Angels (and subject of the bookfest cover contest). She also writes cozy mysteries as Delia James, as well as a new historical series under the name Darcie Wilde, which she calls “Jane Austen meets Sherlock Holmes.”

These ladies are the true ink stained wretches of the writing community, and are available the day of the bookfest to share their wealth of knowledge about the publishing industry. Don’t miss it!

useful woman

Meet Some Booksellers and Publishers Exhibiting at BookFest

What would Kerrytown BookFest be without booksellers and publishers? Fortunately we don’t have to find out, because a large percentage of the over 120 exhibitor tables at the 2016 event will once again include booksellers and publishers. BookFest visitors will have the opportunity to purchase a wide variety of books, including those from this year’s speakers. To give you a glimpse of what’s in store, we asked booksellers and publishers to tell us about the books they’ll have available, including those they’re especially eager to share with BookFest visitors. Following are just some of the booksellers and publishers exhibiting at BookFest this year.


Aunt Agatha’s

Aunt Agatha’s (14th BookFest): Our booth is always fun as we have lots of authors signing there throughout the day, and we try and mix in local talent with some of the bigger name authors who are speaking.  This year we have local writers Greg Jolley and Linda Fitzgerald, along with some regional Michigan and Midwest writers.  Of course you can also visit with Kent Krueger and Hank Phillippi Ryan, among others, at our booth as well.  Hank Ryan wrote one of my favorite books of 2015, What You See, as did Carrie Smith, author of Silent City, who will be moderating our mystery panel. But we are also excited to welcome Brian Freeman, Patti Abbott (Megan Abbott’s mom and a writer herself) as well as some kick ass women who write cozies – Eva Gates, Casey Daniels and Sarah Zettel and their moderator, Barbara Gregorich.

BookBound from website1


Bookbound (4th BookFest): We will primarily be selling a variety of our hand-picked bargain books. These are overstocks and remainders that we can sell at steep discounts, and they range from literary fiction and poetry, to history, social science, philosophy, music, science, art and more. We will also bring an assortment of new gift books, items of local interest, and perhaps a few of our personal favorites. In our store, we carry a full assortment of new releases and other trade books, but our bargain books represent something different from other area booksellers and they tend to do very well at BookFests so we like to show them off. What to Look For: It is hard to choose specific titles because our bargain book supply is quite unpredictable and we can’t be sure what we will bring with us that day. There will be some recent bestsellers and award winners like State of Wonder by Ann Patchett, Deep Down Dark by Hector Tobar, Incarnadine by Mary Szybist, and Leslie Jamison’s Empathy Exams. Other perennial favorites we likely will have include Justice by Michael J Sandel, Carsick by John Waters, The Complete Stories of Flannery O’Connor, The Beautiful Struggle by Ta-Nehisi Coates, and the Patrick Melrose novels by Edward St. Aubyn.

Books of the Ages (5th BookFest): I sell exclusively Children’s books and will be bringing over 1,000 titles which will include some of my specialties: Pop ups, Award Winners, Illustrated classics, Tasha Tudor, Michael Hague, Tolkien, Series books, and Edward Gorey.  I will also bring a table of nice picture books at 3 for $12.

Crazy Wisdom

Crazy Wisdom Bookstore & Tea Room

Crazy Wisdom Bookstore & Tea Room (4th BookFest):  Crazy Wisdom specializes in spirituality, sustainability, psychology, and conscious living so we’ll be attempting to bring a diverse selection in these areas. What to Look For:  It’s always a fun challenge to select books that will draw readers to our table. For us, it’s less about bringing particular titles, and more about bringing those unique titles that readers haven’t heard of, and might be surprised to see at Crazy Wisdom!

Grey Wolfe Publishing

Grey Wolfe Publishing

Grey Wolfe Publishing, LLC (3rd BookFest): We publish nearly everything: poetry, memoir, children’s books, young adult, new adult, general fiction, historical fiction, and anthologies. Being a family-owned business we try to keep a standard that isn’t too inflammatory or dangerous.  What to Look For: This year we’ll be featuring our community service books as well as a debut novel by YA author Caitlyn Mancini, and four from different genres from myself (Diana Plopa). We will also be accepting manuscripts (in digital format) from anyone who is interested in publishing.

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

Literati Bookstore

Literati Bookstore (4th BookFest): We’ll be selling new literary fiction, poetry, small press titles, local authors, bestselling nonfiction, a few of our book club picks, and much more. We’ll also be featuring books for the panel, Travel the Lakes, which takes place at 2:45pm at the Kerrytown Concert House. What to Look For: We have a lovely signed first editions club we call Literati Cultura. Each month, we ship a new signed first edition to book lovers across the country. It’s a subscription-based club, and with each book, we include a free exclusively-produced letterpress art made by our friends at Wolverine Press here in Ann Arbor. We’re excited to tell people about it at the BookFest. Previous picks include The Girls, Desert Boys, Heat & Light, Beloved Dog, and more.


Michigan Publishing Services

Michigan Publishing Services (1st BookFest): Michigan Publishing Services publishes scholarly print and digital monographs, edited volumes, anthologies, and journals authored and edited by U-M faculty, staff, and students, including institutional histories, conference volumes, and faculty reprints, as well as course materials, innovative digital projects, and experiments in “Publishing as Pedagogy” at U-M. What to Look For: We’re most excited for people to see the inaugural issue of the Michigan Journal of Medicine, published in collaboration with the U-M Medical School as a successful “Publishing as Pedagogy” case study. We have a great selection of new print titles from our Maize Books imprint, an impressive array of scholarly journals, and print literary arts projects produced by creative U-M students.

ML Books

ML’s Books & Antiques

ML’s Books & Antiques (2nd BookFest): I sell used, collectible books including ones on Michigan, the outdoors, mysteries, and science fiction. I sold a mixed bag last year; I don’t plan to mess with success.

NicolasBooks Logo

Nicola’s Books (14th BookFest): We usually bring with us the featured authors’ books, Michigan authors, books about Michigan and sometime signed editions. What to Look For: Fiction writers B.A. Shapiro’s books, The Art Forger and The Muralist  and John Smolen’s Wolf’s Mouth as well as the excellent selection of children’s books either illustrated or written by Michigan authors – Kelly Di Pucchio, Shanda Trent, Kristen Remenar and Matt Faulkner.

Plain Tales Books (13th BookFest): I will be selling books on printing and typography as well as Easton Press, Folio Society and other miscellany.

You can find a full list of all of the 2016 Kerrytown BookFest exhibitors in the exhibitors tab on our website. Exhibitors will be at BookFest all day from 10:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., and represent all facets of the book world from authors to booksellers to publishers to non-profits to a wide range of book-related artists. Check back here and on our Facebook page in the weeks ahead for information about more exciting exhibitors.